Our Values

Full Circle is a zero-waste shop aimed at helping you embrace a low impact lifestyle by offering environmentally friendly products and food without any unnecessary packaging

All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, use minimal packaging and are carefully selected to do the least harm to the environment, human and non human animals. We believe in the local economy and will always do our best to empower individuals, communities and businesses to be plastic free and environmentally conscious in Cambridge and beyond.

Being an earth conscious consumer can be overwhelming. Dame Jane Goodall said it best “You can't live through a day without making an impact on the world. And what's most important is to think about the impact of your actions on the world around you.” 

Over the years we have bought into convenience, excessive packaging, disposable items, fast fashion and the “next big thing we all need to have” without really thinking about the consequences for our planet or ourselves. We are literally consuming our home!

Zero-waste has a big role to play in reducing the negative impact we are having on this beautiful pale blue dot. It’s a philosophy of least harm that aims to prevent waste from being released into the environment where it causes harm to ecosystems, humans and non-human animals. That sounds like an impossible challenge but, as we’re proving at Full Circle™, Cambridge’s zero-waste shop, knowhow, creativity, planning and patience makes zero-waste possible. It really is much easier than you think. When you shop with us you bring your own containers to fill with food, liquids, cleaning products, and lots more besides instead of buying everything pre-packaged. You can also buy as much or as little as you need which prevents overbuying and food waste which in the UK amounts to 20m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year – the same emissions as 3.5m cars. 

So grab your reusables and let’s change the world one refill at a time!


Here at Full Circle we want to play an active part in the circular economy; not only taking advantage of existing opportunities but working with customers, suppliers and partners to make the circular economy a reality and not just a buzz-phrase.

The following is the current list of re-use and recycling opportunities that are open to everyone; you can give us these items wherever we have a stall or pop-up (see Find Us), or you can hand them to us if we deliver goods that you've ordered online.

ZWP Deodorant Tins

We choose our suppliers carefully, and when we heard that our suppliers (and friends!) Zero Waste Path (ZWP) wanted to encourage customers to return their deodorant tins to them for refilling we knew that we wanted to work with them. So, irrespective of where you bought them from, you can return the ZWP deodorant tins to us and we will give you 25p credit towards any purchase you make with us.

You can buy the ZWP deodorants here on our site or at any of our stalls and pop-ups.


It is with sadness that we are having to cease being a TerraCycle drop off point. The minimum quantities for shipment has increased to reduce the carbon footprint of the scheme and rightly so but we just can't store the required amount of recycling alongside a food business. Thank you to everyone whom has contributed to saving over 60kgs of crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and dental items from going to landfill. It seems we've become victims of the TerraCycle success story! 

Some of you will already know that we have worked hard to introduce packaging-free crisps and stock dental items as well so alternatives are available. On a positive note we will now be able to put even more energy into turning off the single-use packaging tap by delivering the best zero waste service we can. 

We will still be raising money for Cambridge Carbon Footprint throughout the year just not through TerraCycle.

To find your nearest drop off point visit the TerraCycle website here.

If you have been collecting for a group or place of work we strongly recommend buying in bulk catering tubs. Many crisp manufacturers offer this service. The tubs are readily recycled in Cambridge (check the packaging materials with the manufacturer first to be safe) whereas the crisp packets are not. 



A Toy’s Life and Beyond C.I.C. is a social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK. Our purpose is to teach children about recycling in a fun way.  By using the life cycle of a toy we envisage children can learn about recycling, where materials come from and how they can contribute to the betterment and protection of the environment. To date, the majority of toys are made of plastic that it is hard or impossible to recycle. Finding new ways as to what to do with them and avoid sending them to landfills is one of our priorities. If you would like to know more about us visit us at www.atoyslifeandbeyond.org.