Cloth Sanitary Pad - Heavy 10" Overlocked

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Periods have never looked so good thanks to these beautifully reusable cloth sanitary pads handmade in Norwich.

The average menstruating person is estimated to use, and throw away, in excess of 10,000 menstrual products in their lifetime. This equates to more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year and an individual carbon footprint contribution of 5.3 kg CO2e per person.

Pads are the most popular menstrual product worldwide and can made of up to 90% plastic (much as four supermarket bags!) so we thought we'd find some great quality, long lasting reusables that you'd love.

The top layer of fabric is stain resistant cotton Lycra jersey which enables your pad to move with you. They also have an eco backing of water resistant cotton corduroy. This corduroy has been hand laminated with a thin layer of polyurethane to add protection against leaking, protecting your undergarments and clothes. It also helps to prevent microfibres entering the water during washing. The core is made from bamboo fleece and the commonly used fabric Zorb which is a mixture of tangled cellulose fibres from bamboo viscose, cotton, organic cotton and polyester.

How long will my pad last?

There is no reason that a cloth pad can't last many years, providing that it is looked after well. Using the tumble drier and stain removers can all contribute to a reduction in life span.

How do I clean them?

1) Store you pads in a large wet bag or another container after use. All that matters is that the container is not air tight.

2) When ready to wash, place all of your pads in the washing machine. Pop them on a cold rinse cycle, or alternatively a cold fast wash. This just acts to rinse the blood out before commencing the proper wash. Or you can do this by hand in the sink.

3) Add a healthy dose of your washing detergent/powder/soapnuts and put the load on a nice long 40 degree wash cycle. DO NOT use fabric conditioners as these coat the fibres and greatly reduce the absorbency of pads.

4) Hang pads to dry. A sock dryer works amazingly for this. Alternatively you can pop them on the radiator for a quicker dry. Tumble drying reduces the lifespan of you pads, may cause minor shrinkage and may affect the labels on the back of the pads.

5) Once they are dry, store them in a nice dry area, ready for use during your next period.