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Welcome to Full Circle!

We are Emma, Johanna and Paul; the ecologist, the bioinformatician and the engineer.

Together we are Full Circle, a zero waste shop that aims to help people embrace low impact living by offering environmentally friendly products without all that unnecessary packaging.

We are super excited to be part of the UK’s zero waste movement. With the ever growing awareness of how our consumer choices are damaging the planet and compromising future generations, Full Circle will empower individuals, communities and businesses by offering plastic-free, reusable lifestyle items, wholefoods, informational talks, workshops and events and aim to build plastic free, environmentally conscious community in Cambridge and beyond.

Head over to our calendar to find out where we’ll be next!

Just because you can only do a little doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something and here at Full Circle we endeavor to do the least amount of harm to people, non-human animals and planet. Products are carefully considered from environmental, sustainability and ethical viewpoints.

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