When do you deliver?

You can find the details of how and when we deliver here

Why do you only deliver to CB postcodes?

Keeping our carbon footprint low is as important to us as reducing unnecessary plastic and single- use items. By functioning on a local scale we limit our mileage as well as packaging and therefore our carbon and resource footprints. We will deliver by bicycle whenever possible and will use low carbon transport for deliveries further away. Look out for our electric vehicle in the future!

What do you do if I’m out when you deliver?

If you think you will be out when we deliver please provide us with your preferred instructions when you place your order. As we do not use plastic packaging it is not advised you instruct us to leave your items where they will be exposed to the elements. If we have left your order with a neighbour we will let you know.

What packaging do you use?

We prefer to use no packaging at all! If you are in when we deliver we will hand your products to you with a massive thank you for reducing packaging use. If packaging is required we will use the minimum amount and reuse what we already have from our trade orders. This packaging is plastic free, often recycled and recyclable or compostable at end of life. The packaging tape we use to secure your parcel is paper based and can be recycled or composted too! Please use the packaging or return it to us when we see you again for further reuse before choosing to recycle.

How do I order a present?

If you are sending a present directly to a loved one let us know. You can even leave a message in the “Special Instructions” field for us to include as a handwritten message.