Temporary closure

Further to our announcement yesterday regarding one of our team members having a suspected case of COVID-19 we can confirm that the test results came back positive.

We have been truly moved by the love and support for Full Circle™ as a business and us as individuals during the entirety of the pandemic but particularly in the last 24 hours. Your kind words and advice have been so appreciated. It’s heartening to know that you all identify how difficult it has been to start a local independent zero waste shop during these changing times.

The team member is currently OK but feeling lethargic. As we know COVID-19 can cause many symptoms of varying severity over a prolonged period of time so we are making sure we offer all of the support we can to help them in their recovery.

Due to the key role this team member plays and that we want to protect our customers and our staff we will be temporarily closing the business for two weeks. Rest assured we will be financially supporting our contracted employees during this time.

The exact date of our reopening has not yet been decided as we deem it appropriate to not only follow government advice but to be guided by the health and wellbeing of our team members. This will be a time of mutual care and assessment so we can all return to bringing zero waste shopping to Cambridge feeling physically well and psychologically balanced.

As stated previously we have recounted the movements and precautions taken by our team member over the last week and we do not consider our customers to be at risk. Our team member is complying with the government's Track and Trace initiative which has provided us with further confidence regarding potential transmission risk.

If you have an outstanding order with us we will be issuing refunds as we are not able to provide our Click&Collect or delivery services. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Going forward over the next couple of weeks we’ll be creating social media content about zero waste living so we’ll still be here spreading the zero waste vibes.

In the meantime keep look after yourselves, each other and this beautiful pale blue dot we call home.

Best always, The Full Circle™ Team